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Integrating Chroma with existing Laboratory Website is today by far the most cost-effective way to join the league of Laboratories offering online Sample submission, Job tracking and Reports download on their Website. It is the only realistic route for SME Labs budget-wise... - Jeff C. Zellany
Why many Labpreneurs opt for Chroma

In a nutshell, using Chroma means that your Testing clients will be able to:
  • Register Samples from their own offices before shipment to you.
  • Send in Samples anonymously, where competitive interests are at stake.
  • Generate unique Barcode labels for each Sample prior to shipment.
  • Receive auto-generated Test changes reports and Transaction confirmation via email/SMS.
  • Generate Proforma Invoices (Print/PDF/Email) on the spot prior to shipment.
  • Add, Remove, Edit Tests from Samples before committing.
  • Regenerate Proforma Invoices on the spot when they amend Test schedule.
  • Track Test progress at a deeper level than what they commonly see with competitors.
  • Generate and reprint Results (Print/PDF/Email) remotely.
  • View historical Lab notes/memos pertaining to each Test.
  • Receive supplementary Invoices and Receipts.
  • Log into their unique Accounts to view or print out historical transactions.
  • Have third parties validate Results/Test Histories on your Website, thereby magnifying your brand.
Now the long form...
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