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Adopting Chroma is the best gift a Testing Business can give its clients ... - ISO17
We sometimes ship out as many as 600 Samples at once. I like the fact that I can conveniently print barcodes for each of them and uniquely identify them and even add specific instructions for the analyst from my office. Its a life saver - Meg C. (Satisfied Customer)
I never have to speak to Laboratories on the phone anymore. I can see ongoing Test progress and even send memos to Analysts - (Satisfied Customer)
We Test Cannabis in a State where Labs have to make results available to third parties. I just give them access on Chroma - (Laboratory)
About Us
We are an ultra agile group of Developers, Project Managers and Quality Control specialists with vast Informatics experience.
Globally, we partner with companies seeking simplified quality delivery, guaranteed continuity, peace of mind and overall cost reduction.
Our Products are top of the line, our service delivery passionate and effective and our customer-centric after-sales Support align with global best practice.
Quality Lims Programmers are hard to find and retain. Our clients save money and time via outsourced ebusiness infrastructure with us.
Vacancies with us and partners/affiliates
Customer Relationship Manager
(Belgium, Cyprus)
Java Engineer (Instrument Integration)
Solution Engineer
(USA, Canada)
Solution Engineer
(United Kingdom)
Brand/PR Manager (Algeria)
Business Development Executive
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FDA announces US recall of mirtazapine tablets due to mislabeled strength.
Over 250 drug list prices increased in 2020, says new report.
Lynparza approved by FDA to treat germline BRCA-mutated metastatic pancreatic cancer
Three more companies raise their US drug list prices.
WHO announces first biosimilar medicine pre-qualification.
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Whitepaper: The Gap Between LIMS Capabilities and QC Microbiology Needs.
Whitepaper: Digital transformation in QA/QC labs.
Article: Elemental impurities testing and specification limits ICH Q3D.
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